2019 New digital play tables at the Museum.

Jan/Feb; workshops 20.01, 27.01.,03.02., 10.02., 17.02., 24.02.

Winter vacation at the Museum !

2019 ; “What future world do you want to live in?” Die Zeit

Art workshop Sunday 3.03, 10.03, 03.03, 10.03, 17.03, 24.03 and 31.03

26 January & 2, 9, 16, 17, 23, 24. February: Face painting at the Museum

2018/2019 Season Exhibition: “Reflections, hope and values”

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SOS-Children’s Village, Tres Rios, San José, Costa Rica

Excerpts from the Museum’s permanent collection

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Street art; Children’s Art at Frøen subway-metro-station

Children’s Art and good facilities for families with children throughout the year at Oslo Airport.

2018 Invitation; Respect and Kindness Through Drawing – A Cross-Cultural Children’s Charity Project (CCCC)

International children’s art at Avinor Oslo Airport

Baby song at the Museum Tuesday 12th February

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