2019 ; “What future world do you want to live in?” Die Zeit

New exhibition; “What future world do you want to live in?”   Spring 2017, and spring 2018 Germany’s largest weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and...   Read more

2018/2019 Season Exhibition: “Reflections, hope and values”

Exhibition: Reflections, hope and values When we ask questions, we can learn more. For example, how can children’s own opinions through art have relevance...   Read more

Explore the Museum on your own!

Explore the Museum on your own! The International Museum of Children’s Art consist of 3 floors filled with activities, games and international children’s art!...   Read more

Street art; Children’s Art at Frøen subway-metro-station

From September 27th, all travelers on the subway can enjoy a new children’s artwork located at Frøen Metro Station, only one stop from Majorstuen...   Read more

SOS-Children’s Village, Tres Rios, San José, Costa Rica

SOS -Children’s Villages – Tres Rios, San José, Costa Rica The Museum proudly presents a series of artworks from the SOS Children Village Tres Rios...   Read more

Summer hours at the Museum until August 19th

Opening hours from June 25th- August 19th 2018: Tue-Thur: 11 AM- 4 PM Sat/Sun: 11 AM- 4 PM Closed Monday and Friday Tickets Adult: 75 NOK  Children/Student/Senior: 40 NOK...   Read more

Excerpts from the Museum’s permanent collection

EXCERPTS FROM THE COLLECTION  The museum collection contains a rich variety that emphasizes on children’s rights, at both micro and macro levels and dimensions...   Read more

Open Pop Up Gallery at Tjuvholmen Harbour during public holidays 18.5.-20.5.

Welcome ! Our Pop Up Gallery at Tjuvholmen Harbour is open during public holidays May 18th, May 19th and May 20th. (Withsun) Weekend Family Art...   Read more

Under vann/Under water (11) Indonesia

April-Sept.: Pop-up gallery at Tjuvholmen Harbour in Oslo.

Selvaag Property (Selvaag Eiendom) has started a new partnership with The International Museum of Children’s Art in connection with a Pop-up gallery at Tjuvholmen in...   Read more

From 4th of March: Åpent verksted, Art Project with Kids from asylum seekers centres

Exhibition “Confidence through creativity” With a compact and mobile “toolbox” full of fun and creative tools, Emma Davis from Åpent verksted and volunteers from...   Read more

Winter exhibition at Avinor Oslo Airport Departure International Terminal

The International Museum of Children’s Art presents an international children’s art exhibition in the new departure international terminal at Avinor Oslo Airport near gate...   Read more

Free Christmas Crafts Workshop at Oslo Airport Dec 14 & 15

Traveling with Kids? FREE DECEMBER CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP AT OSLO AIRPORT, AFTER SECURITY CHECK.   Join us Dec 14th & Dec 15th for some fun...   Read more

From November: Life in Ukraine seen with children’s eyes

From November: Life in Ukraine seen with children’s eyes   It is said that images say more than a thousand words and that pictures...   Read more

Analysing Art template

Analysing Art   We can start our art analysis by asserting the known facts. Following this we may identify the artistic tools and examine the message...   Read more

Oct 18th. Arne Næss Symposium 10th Anniversary -incl. future generations – Children explain how to turn garbage into art.

Arne Næss Symposium 10th Anniversary 18.10.2017 at 06:30 PM-08.30 PM SUM – Centre for Development and the Environment are happy to announce that this year,...   Read more

Mother and child exhibition at Avinor Oslo Airport non-Schengen near gate F17-F19

We are proud to extend our collaboration with @Oslolufthavn Oslo Airport. This time we are reaching out to families traveling with babies, newborn, infants and toddler...   Read more

DIE ZEIT Leo; What future world do you want to live in?

Spring 2017, Germany’s largest weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and the International Museum of Children’s Art invited children and young people to express their opinion...   Read more

Australia; Aurora National Art Competition 2017. (winning entries)

Aurora Art Competition 2017 for Australian Primary School students. Presenting original winning entries from the national Australian Art Competition Aurora 2017.  The official invitation...   Read more

From June: Future city and the green shift.

Future city and the green shift. The International Museum of Children’s Art presents the exhibition “Future city and the green shift” which focuses on children’s...   Read more

The International Museum of Children’s Art Pop-up gallery at Oslo Airport.

The pop-up gallery is an extended collaboration and a joint venture between the International Museum of Children’s Art and Avinor Oslo Airport, which marks the airport’s...   Read more

International children’s art at Avinor Oslo Airport

International children’s art at Avinor Oslo Airport.   Travelers at Oslo Airport can experience the colorful children’s art from The International Museum of Children’s Art...   Read more

March-May: “Future city and the green shift” children’s art in the Art Passage at Jernbanetorget in cooperation with Sporveien AS

Art in the Subway.   From March 27th – 7th May 2017:   “Future city and the green shift”   The International Museum of...   Read more

Tourist in your own city – 23.04.17

On 23 April 2017 the inhabitants of Oslo are invited to be tourists in their own city for free. The purpose of the event...   Read more

From March 16- May 31; «I want to become president» – South Sudanese children drawings from Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, Uganda

            «I want to become president» – South-sudanese children drawings from Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, Uganda. From March 16 the...   Read more

“Children and nature” from 17.01.:

CHILDREN AND NATURE This exhibition from our permanent collection, shows the inseparable coexistence between child and nature, and the special close and direct connection of the...   Read more

Exhibition: “If I had to flee..” from January 17 2017

  Exhibition; “If I had to flee..”  From January 17th 2017: Presenting a selection of contributions from last autumn’s drawing and writing competition for 5th–7th...   Read more

Exhibition “If I had to flee..” at Oslo City Hall Dec 13- Dec 17 2016

  Exhibition; “If I had to flee..”  19 county winners presented at Oslo City Hall 13 December – 17 December. The exhibition displays 19 county...   Read more

Winter children’s art exhibition at The Art Passage, Jernbanetorget until 10.01.17 in cooperation with Sporveien Oslo AS

          A special children’s art winter exhibition will be on display in the Art Passage at Jernbanetorget, Oslo central station from  07.12.16 until...   Read more

The International Museum of Children’s Art 1986-2016

The International Children’s Art Museum is an institution for social service, where children and young people have their own venue to present the most...   Read more

Social responsibility; The Museum exhibits in The Art Passage at Jernbanetorget in cooperation with Sporveien AS

Art in the subway Experience Children’s Art at the passage at Jernbanetorget in Oslo. On the occasion of The International Museum of Children’s Art...   Read more

May-August 2016 Exhibit: “Children know what’s important”

With the exhibition «Children know what’s important», The International Museum of Children’s Art wishes to focus on the values of children and young people,...   Read more

«The return of the fabled animals» – an exhibition with Eskild Hagemoen (10)

Saturday June 4th is the opening of the exhibition “The return of the fabled animals” showing drawings by Eskild Hagemoen. We asked Eskild to...   Read more


«OSLO IN THE FUTURE» As part of the annual event «Tourist in your own city», organised by the City of Oslo and VisitOSLO, every...   Read more

Exhibition with Sigurd Storm: Children drawings from 1976 – 1993

The exhibition opens April 16th Experience a selection of children’s drawings and artworks created by Sigurd Storm! As a child, Sigurd Storm (1975) stood...   Read more

Love, friendship and community – until 29.5.16

The pictures are made by pupils attending Lerum School of Music and Performing Arts, just outside Göteborg in Sweden. The subject is called ”Art...   Read more

Climate hope, climate change and children’s voices

– An outlook and views on what children and young are going to inherit, addressing challenges and promoting healthy living in response to climate change. The climate...   Read more


There are many portraits in the museum’s collection, and we are now devoting even more space to this genre. Portraits are highly regarded in...   Read more

The Amazon Rainforest, Peru

In November 1990 the museum’s founders Rafael and Alla Goldin visited the “Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting and Nature” in Pucallpa, Peru. They brought...   Read more

PERMANENT EXHIBITION: International doll collection

In our doll room you will find dolls, masks and puppets from all over the world. It is not without reason that the kids...   Read more

PERMANENT EXHIBITION: Sculptures – Frederic Lanovsky

Frederic Lanovsky is a modern sculptor. He creates modern art on a monumental scale. His sculptures are unique and very colorful. Frederic also enjoys...   Read more

See what I mean?

Democracy means government by the people. One way the people can make their views known is by voting in elections. Most countries have a...   Read more

PEACE AND FREEDOM – what does it mean in 2016?

The Peace and Freedom – exhibition was first displayed at Hamar Cultural Centre in the autumn of 2015. The Women’s International League for Peace...   Read more

28.11.15 – 25.01.16: A winter exhibition at the Barcode passage

As the first museum to exhibit in the Barcode passage, the International Museum of Children’s Art is showing children’s art from all over the...   Read more

2015: Paint project Økernly Kindergarten

During the spring of 2015 children in Økernly kindergarten (Oslo) collaborated on a paint project, where children of all ages worked together on the same...   Read more

2015: Government for a day

What if children were allowed to decide and influence their own future? The collage workshop “Government for a day” was a program aimed at...   Read more

2015: Mikael’s digital universe

Mikael is 15 years old and comes from Karlsøy, Troms. He loves to draw, and he’s been drawing since he was little. His drawings...   Read more

2015: The Parliament’s drawing competition 2014

As part of the constitutional bicentenary in 2014, the Parliament arranged a drawing competition, inviting 1. – 4. graders to draw the front page...   Read more

2015: Otakara Ševčíka Art school

Základní umělecká škola Otakara Ševčíka is an art school located in Pisek in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1901, the school has a long...   Read more

2015: 49 Heroes

This exhibition presents 49 cut-outs designed by children aged 3-16. The figures were designed by children who were admitted to the KK Women’s and...   Read more

2015: The great wheel

The great wheel – by the Vick d’Azir School, Paric, France “The great wheel“ is an art project initiated by artist Pia Myrvold and...   Read more

2015: Etchings: De Driemaster school

The 4th graders at De Driemaster school in the Netherlands have been working with a traditional printing technique called etching. Etching is the process...   Read more

2015: Jesse King Andrews

At age two, Jesse King Andrews drew his first lion. At age three, he drew his first tiger. At age five, he entered an...   Read more

2014: JA, VI ELSKER! The bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution 2014

The exhibition consists of images that explore children’s various perspectives on society, politics and ecology. We look at how key concepts such as democracy,...   Read more

2014: “Daddy world wide”

  The International Museum of Childrens Art is pleased to present the exhibition ”Daddy world wide”. The museum has invited children from all corners...   Read more

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